Top Matchmakers Talk About Dating

Dating – If you’re in the market for a matchmaker, there are several things you should keep in mind. For example, it’s best to remain discreet and keep your work as a matchmaker confidential. Most clients prefer to be kept in the dark when it comes to the fact that they’re working with a matchmaker.

Genevieve Gresset

Genevieve Gresset is a Master Certified Matchmaker who has worked with single professionals for 25 years. She has a 3 Date Rule for successful dating, which she says has helped thousands of her clients find lasting love. It helps clients avoid insecurity and ensures that they invest time and energy into their relationship.

The show is hosted by smooth-talking American matchmaker Paul C Brunson and is accompanied by leading UK matchmaker Genevieve Gresset and psychologist Dr Angela Smith. They interview singletons about their dating experiences. They also discuss the importance of a good first impression, how to approach rejection and how to find the perfect partner. The episode is a must-watch for anyone interested in dating.

It’s Just Lunch

It’s Just Lunch for Matchmakers is a dating service that caters to busy working professionals. Rather than wasting valuable time setting up dates and finding matches, its matchmakers take care of everything, including booking the date, making the introduction, and arranging the reservation. All clients need to do is show up on the date. The service requires no upfront fees, but the price is more expensive than online dating.


The service’s main focus is to find a suitable match for each client. Applicants are asked questions about their interests, preferences, and dealbreakers. The matchmaker then presents suitable matches to them. The process can take up to a month to find a suitable match. Matchmaking is confidential, so the client’s full identity remains anonymous.

It’s Just Lunch is a dating service that caters to busy professionals seeking a meaningful relationship. It currently operates in more than 110 cities in the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Australia. The service makes all the arrangements for face-to-face dates for members. All members have to do is show up prepared for a lunch or after-work date.

The service is available on a monthly basis and is free for the first 12 dates. The service is also customizable. Members can pause the service whenever they feel that they don’t want to use the service. Furthermore, the service includes two free dating coaching sessions. The matchmakers use their database to find matches, and they never disclose any of the members’ personal details. They also ensure low-pressure dates, and they’re not pressured to accept any matches.

The price of a single package is between $1,000 and $5,000. Most packages are customized to meet the client’s needs and preferences. However, the prices vary depending on the city and the flexible nature of the dating requirements. The price of a single membership depends on the number of dates desired and the age of the client.


Millionaire’s Club

The Millionaire’s Club is one of the most exclusive social clubs in the country. Its members include Silicon Valley founders, professional athletes, politicians, and Wall Street tycoons. And it has matchmakers who are famous, rich, and famous enough to pay top dollar for their services. But it’s not all about money and the exclusivity of membership. The millionaire’s club matches its members with rich men and women who are serious about love and marriage. The rich can afford many luxury things that ordinary people can’t. For example, they can afford to have a personal chauffeur or security guard.

Some millionaires may have trouble finding love, though. Having all the money can lead to a feeling of entitlement and resentment. Consequently, it’s vital that millionaires take into account whether they’re dating for money or for love. For instance, if one party is the primary breadwinner in a relationship, the other party might not be as committed.

Millionaire’s Club matchmakers talk about their dating lives. Some of their clients have dated celebrities, including actresses and athletes. The show’s cast also includes a UFC fighter. After appearing on the show, he dated a model named Kylie.

The Millionaire’s Club also works with relationship counselors and psychologists. They have access to top image consultants and hypnotherapists. The club’s staff also features top-tier hairstylists and personal trainers. The Millionaire’s Club caters to the members’ exacting standards.

The Millionaire’s Club is the only dating program in the world to match millionaires and high-profile millionaires with people who are compatible with their lifestyle. The members of the Millionaire’s Club have high standards, and if they don’t meet them, they’re unlikely to date. Despite being worth a fraction of what the average millionaire is, the millionaire matchmakers talk about dating and meet them face-to-face.

Patti Stanger

Patti Stanger, a top matchmaker, talks about the importance of making the most of your dating life. She says that you should never give up on your relationship just because you haven’t met the perfect man yet. Her advice to single women is to broaden your horizons and look beyond your hometown. For example, many men in Europe, Australia, and South America are very interested in American women.

First of all, make sure you’re not too clingy. While your cell phone can be a great tool to coordinate a date, you don’t want to rely on it. It’s tempting to stay on it all day long, but this won’t help your chances of finding the perfect date. Try to get out of the house, go out, and get creative.

Second, invest in yourself. Although Patti Stanger’s matchmaking business is successful, she has created other side ventures. She has her own fashion line, Je T’aime, which means “I love you,” and a line of handbags and fragrances.

As a top matchmaker, Stanger advocates for a great night out. She encourages men to look upwards in a relationship and embrace the French-kiss. She also recommends gentlemen to hug with the French-kiss. In addition, she also believes that testosterone-loaded male spit is an essential part of foreplay.