This Dating Expert Is Begging You to Stop Taking Advice From Your Friends

If you’re a single Gen Z, Millennial, Baby Boomer, or Gen X, you’re probably not sure how to approach a potential date. In this article, dating expert Ashley Jensen outlines some of the things you should avoid – and what to do instead. She gives tips from her own experience and draws on her vast network of expert friends.

Gen Z singles

Taking dating advice from your friends is a bad idea. More than half of Gen Z singles admit they don’t tell their friends the whole story, so you can’t trust their advice. It’s an unhelpful cycle that you need to break. The most important sign that your friends are giving you bad advice is their unwillingness to be honest.

According to a study by Hinge, 80% of Gen Z singles say it’s important to follow their friends’ dating advice, but 86% of them also regret doing so. “This is a huge mistake for Gen Z singles,” said Logan Ury, Hinge’s director of relationship science and author of How to Not Die Alone.

If you’re a Gen Z single and looking to meet a compatible partner, try the newest dating apps for Gen Z singles. The most popular dating app for the generation has been Tinder, which popularized the swipe-to-match feature. But Gen Z singles are getting tired of the same old dating apps and are looking for something different. For instance, Snack is a dating app that uses digital content that Gen Z loves.

Dating Expert
Dating Expert

Gen X singles

When it comes to dating, advice from friends is often useless. Eighty-five percent of Gen Z singles admit to questioning the dating advice they received from a friend, and more than half go to someone who is already in a relationship. But there are a few ways to stop this cycle before it starts. One of the best ways is to read up on dating, or seek out a therapist for support.

According to a new survey, 86% of Gen Z singles admit to following dating advice from friends, but 85% have regretted doing so. “Friends’ dating advice isn’t always reliable,” says Logan Ury, Hinge’s Director of Relationship Science and author of the How to Not Die Alone dating guide.

According to a recent survey, 36% of Millennials and 48% of Gen Z daters say the best way to make a good first impression is to have great conversation skills. In fact, Gen Z daters have more depth in their conversations online than Gen X and Baby Boomers. The survey also revealed that the Gen X dating community is split on who should pay on a first date. Forty-seven percent think a man should pay, while 47 percent believe that a woman should shoulder the cost.


Millennials and dating experts agree that dating today is a different experience than dating in previous generations. With women now having more agency over their reproductive health and having more options for financial security, many young adults don’t feel the pressure to marry and have children. Instead, they are more likely to engage in situational relationships.

However, dating experts note that millennials are less likely to get married than previous generations, and that they tend to have less sex. That means that they are less likely to cheat on their partners. The key to millennial dating is to avoid becoming emotionally attached too quickly. Instead, wait until the relationship is safe and you’re in love with your partner before settling down.

Dating Expert
Dating Expert

In addition to social media, millennials are also using TikTok, an online video sharing website, to date. This new trend in dating has also impacted older consumers. Nearly half of millennials have had a social media dating experience. These young consumers often share their experiences online.

Baby boomers

Dating experts often sound like baby boomers. According to Tom Ella, the host of the Undesirables dating podcast, dating advice today is equivalent to pounding the pavement. While dating is a timeless activity, the rise of dating apps and the #MeToo movement have altered the landscape a bit.

It is important to remember that dating is not based on your age. Rather, look for signs of blooming in one area of your life. It’s likely you’ve developed a unique perspective that makes you a good dating partner. If you’re in your 50s and older, consider the benefits of dating after your thirties.

While millennials are prone to socializing in the workplace, baby boomers are less inclined to build friendships at work. They often go home to their children and spouses after working all day. By contrast, millennials see the workplace as the perfect place to meet friends.