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More than dating someone who doesn’t have a password on the phone, relate to someone who inspires you so much love, so much trust, to the point that you don’t have the slightest need to check your cell phone.

The internet helps a lot to popularize betrayal. The social profiles show us dozens of suggestions for friendship all the time, many of them from people already malicious. Dating apps make lovers’ lives more practical and discreet. It does not need much conversation, access to basic information is easy and fast, not to mention in the secrecy of the anonymous internet.

Everything very well set up for infidelity. And there is nothing we can do. To keep checking likes in the photos of those we love and messages in the “zap” is to enter a stressful paranoia that jumps in our mind every time the cell phone beeps. Too draining.

Unless they’re hosting a surprise party on their birthday. Other than that, the intention is clear: betrayal, at whatever level, and the first clue is the password.

Of course, not every password reveals a traitor, but then there’s no reason to avoid sharing it with you. Having free access to cell phones is more than proof of trust, it is proof that the person is, with you, exactly what he is in the virtual world. And this, in addition to respect and commitment, is proof of delivery, of transparency. Like it or not, the role of the cell phone represents in the micro, what the affection is in the macro.

This does not mean that you cannot have privacy or that you need to know everything that goes on the other’s cell phone. Evidently not, but, of course, restricting access leaves you suspicious about things you might not know, and this is not real love because fake love needs to hide. Even because our cell phone tells us exactly who we are. In it are our preferences. Whether through installed applications or exchanged messages.

If you are denied access to the phone, it is not necessary to check the content to review the list. And in case you get a revealing message, save yourself from arguing with the person who is flirting with your wife privately. Save yourself from telling your boyfriend to block the little girl or delete the social profile. Just accept that you need someone who gives respect rather than trust to any stranger who sends a little heart.

Do not put yourself in a role that is not yours, to insist, discuss, fight. You don’t need a relationship where you have to wear yourself out by discovering a password or waiting for your phone to give you soup to investigate the possibility of betrayal. Or, still, stay behind your husband spying on what he writes on his cell phone. It is a small behavior, of someone who has no self-esteem.

Therefore, more than dating someone who does not have a password on the phone, relate to someone who inspires you so much love, so much trust, to the point that you have no need to check the phone. Otherwise, go straight to the delete button in your life and look for someone who values ​​you, who prefers to be with you not in the “zap”. Someone who loves you exactly as you know you deserve it or who, at least, prefers to see you naked rather than receiving nudes.

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